Gallery Pantanal n Fire

Charred alligator while trying to escape from the fire. The photo shows that the animal was walking, trying to escape
Aerial view 100% dry river, completely burnt surroundings
Tree trunk damaged by burning.In the background it’s possible to perceive the dense burning of air
Rio Claro banks drying up.It’s possible to observe the burnt forest on both sides and dark water because of the ashes.
The photo shows the sun covered by smoke, the ground with some holes dug by animals that tried to escape the fire and the vegetation 100% burned
Tree trunk completely burned, Pantanal record of the day 7h november 2020
Aerial view of the Pantanal Lodge, Old Pousada Rio Clarinho and surroundings completely affected by the burning.
Sky filled with dense smoke, 100% burnt vegetation and ash-covered soil.
Rio Caçanje, completely dry. At the beginning of the year, the river should be 3m deep.
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